President's Message 

     “From the very start, I have known that some businessmen believed that
they could put a price on anything. To a certain degree they were right, you
can put a price on your products, factory, land, stocks, you  can  even  put a financial value on your diplomas to market yourself.
      However, there are some things in  business life that are beyond a given
price: your knowhow, the knowledge you have acquired from your mistakes
and so the experience you have gained over the course of years, your ability
to think outside the box to get  innovative solutions  thanks  to  the  lessons
learned  from  overcoming  struggles.  These life lessons have taught you to
have faith in yourself and to extend this confidence to a dedicated team you
can  lead  to  success. And  there  can be no price tag on a team made up of
true  friends  and sincere partners who are there to give you a helping hand,
to  be  by  your side  on rainy days. An organizational bond and commitment produces  the  best  in  quality  that  earns  you  a  stellar  reputation  in  the marketplace. All  these  result in the smile and complete satisfaction of your customer. THAT is absolutely priceless!”
                                                                                          CENK DEMIRCI

Our Values Optimal

 Our Values 

OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation  
is a globally working  mechatronics  and  industrial  engineering  company
that   has  dedicated  itself  to  manufacturing  quality  products,  which is
not  even  a  matter  of  discussion  to  sacrifice, while  always prioritizing
their clients’ needs and requests.

Having decided to invest our long-time experience and  fresh perspective
to establish a brand new business, whose roots date back to 1994, today
we  are  proud  to  say  that OPTIMAL  still takes its strength from being decidedly committed to the essential pillars of business ethics.

We highly treasure honesty and fair trade; reliability; establishing lifelong relationships  with  our customers by prioritizing their needs and  meeting  
their  expectations;  promptness  both  in completion of work and delivery; following state-of-the-art and industry-leading design trends; sticking to
the principle of producing solid, out-of-the-box and sustainable solutions
in industrial engineering systems; implementing enviro-friendly production   methods; adopting an uncompromising attitude of hard work; taking  good care  of  our  employees  and  overseeing  OSH  (Occupational  Safety and Health)  rules  at  our  workplace  as  it  has  always  done  throughout  its
quarter-century history.

While  growing  with  this  mentality,  OPTIMAL  Mechatronics  
&  International  Engineering  Corporation  will  continue  to  be
your “Global  Engineering  Solutions”   partner  for  the  industrial
machinery and equipment you need in your businesses.

Our Work Philosophy Optimal

 Our Work Philosophy 

As OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation, our  core  belief  is  that  our  work is a mirror reflecting our work philosophy. Our  main  goal  is  to  take  pride  in  our  work everywhere we go, especially because it can show everyone who we truly are.

We don’t promise anyone the moon and the stars, but we are rather realistic. And  our  numerous  international  stories of success, which are all the result of working  with a  dedicated  team  of engineers and workmen working hard to produce  the  best  solutions  to  meet  your  needs  and  even exceed your expectations,  simply  prove  that.  So,  we  don’t  waste  your  time.  Instead,
we get things done!

All  of  our  accomplishments  have  always  rested  on creating an extremely communicative environment where everyone from the workers at the bottom line to the customer at the very top listens to each  other attentively in order to get on the same page.

Having developed an organizational  culture  that highly values continuous learning,  collaboration,  a  customer-focused  business  approach  and communication, which is also supported  by the  synergy  we  create  with
some European  solution partners we cooperate with, there is no war that OPTIMAL cannot  win on a modern-day battlefield  that  is  unbelievably demanding.

We  don’t  need  to  boast  much  about ourselves since our products and
services already speak for themselves! On what grounds do we say that?
Please see our many global references!

 Our Facility 

     OPTIMAL’s   operations   center   is   located   in  a  3,800  
square  meter  area, 2,000 square meters of  which  has  been
allocated as the manufacturing and integration space.
    Regarding logistics, our facility is located in Torbalı Region
in Izmir,  which  gives  us  easy  access  to  multiple  ways  of

    Adnan Menderes Airport  lies  just  20 km  away  from  our
facility.  We are  40 km  away  from the port of Izmir and the
closest highway is only at a distance of 10 km from our plant.  

Our Team Optimal

 Our Team 

A professional team can be compared to  an orchestra, where
the audience  would  get  electrified  if  all  the musicians play
in harmony to produce one beautiful melody,  that  s flawless
customer service. Otherwise,  that  would not be a symphony,
but just a cacophony of sounds.

For an outstanding performance display, they need to practise
extensively  under  the  leadership of  a  maestro  with  a  clear
vision, who knows where he is taking  his team to. Guided by a knowledgeable  and  a  skilled  coach  as  well  as a team leader with  twenty-four  years  of  experience in industrial machinery and  equipment  manufacturing,  Mr  Cenk  Demirci,  our  team knows clearly where they are exactly going to. With his hands-on management style, there is no room for failure!

OPTIMAL  Mechatronics  &  International  Engineering Corporation   also  owes  its  well-earned  success,  without doubt,  to  its  dynamic,  hardworking  and  committed  troops,
who have left their footprints in several countries in the world so  far.  We  have  worked  in  Poland,  Romania,  Greece, Italy, Germany,  Portugal,  the  Netherlands,  France,  Iran,  Turkey, Tanzania,  Nigeria,  Sudan,  Algeria,  Tunisia,  America,  the Philippines,  Burkina  Faso,  Senegal,  Ivory  Coast and the list goes on.

Our  energetic  workforce,  who  are highly qualified industrial machinery and equipment manufacturers of various kinds such as  turnkey  de-dusting/dust  collection  systems,  dryers,
reactors,  piping  systems,  tanks,  exchangers,  pneumatic transfer  systems,  materials  handling  systems,  air  pollution control systems, custom-designed machinery for your specific needs  and  are  also  industrial  machinery  components manufacturers;  technically  competent  and  proficient  in mechatronics  and  industrial  automation  systems, have dedicated themselves to compete with themselves again!
It  is  this  global  mindset  that  motivates  us to produce the
most effective and the least costly solutions for you however challenging  your  needs  are  and  no matter where you are in
the world.

Our  passion  for  pleasing  our  customers  is  the power that keeps  us  going!

Torbalı Ticaret Odası

 Our Memberships 

OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation is a member of Torbalı Chamber
of Commerce in Izmir, Turkey.
As of 20.09.2017, the Trade Registry Number and Chamber Registration Number of the company are 6292
and 6234 respectively.

Ege Bölgesi Sanayi Odası

The company is also a member of Aegean Region Chamber of Industry. As of 20.11.2017, Chamber Registration Number of the company is 23996.

Ege İhracatçı Birlikleri

        ABOUT US 

     OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation
is a  globally  working mechatronics and industrial engineering company that
has  dedicated  itself to manufacturing quality products, which is not  even a matter of discussion to sacrifice, while always prioritizing their clients needs
and  requests. OPTIMAL still takes its strength from being decidedly
committed to the essential pillars of business ethics.


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