OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation offers engineering and  automation consulting
services and expertise for industrial manufacturing companies  in need of technical recommendation  for short-term and
long-term courses of action to handle a given initiative.

The ultimate purpose is to produce  the most efficient  industrial  manufacturing solutions  for  businesses  to reduce the
time, energy, effort, yield loss  and  so the money to be spent to  the minimum while improving  practicality, functionality
and technicality of the machinery and equipment to be used to the maximum when performing a specific task.

In order to do a comprehensive feasibility study, OPTIMAL Mechatronics professionals visit the customer at their own
facility to investigate and identify the need or in some situations, a problem. The business may need a single machine and
a piece of equipment or a set of industrial machinery and equipment to run a process. Or probably, a machine might have
broken down. In some circumstances,  the business may  want to have  a whole line such as a  production line, packaging
and labelling line, packing line, waste chemical cleansing line, conveying line, etc. set up from scratch.

At that point, OPTIMAL steps in to make professional suggestions for selecting the most  suitable  industrial machinery
and equipment to be used; explain how functional,economical,ergonomic and user-friendly the alternatives are; compare
their actual capacity of production versus the desired output of production, show the most optimum coordinates  of  the
location of those  machinery and equipment at the plant; assist with maintenance  and  automation;  propose  alternative
solutions for recycling to guide the company  follow  both an enviro-friendly production strategy and reduce production
loss to a minimum; establish and  install the utilities infrastructure; make  recommendations to adopt  the most effective
safety precautions, thus conforming to the flow of the process as well as international manufacturing standards.

The  essential  purpose here is to enable the  manufacturer  to continue and finalize their processes with minimum error
and maximum profitability.

 Project Design 

Modern day advancements and innovations in technology, frequently updated government regulations and fierce competition require every business entity to adapt to the latest changes applying the most efficient and optimal methods using the most budget-friendly strategies  in  the  shortest  time  possible  in  order  to  weather  the  storm  and  thus  survive  in  the  business jungle. That is when OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation lends a helping hand as a solution partner.
We visit  our customers  at their facilities to listen to them and understand their needs perfectly well. We question what their target amount or quantity of  output is,  how much  time and  money the business wants to spend for the process, how many workers they
are  planning  to  employ  for  that  process  or  whether  they  want  to  follow a totally humanless automated process, if it is a very
industry-specific machinery or not, what the delivery deadline of the project is.
Following a mutual discussion of their options, in line with the nature of their needs, problems and the purpose of their investment, we  come  up  with  industry-specific  mechatronic solutions,   high-technology,   labour-saving,   energy-saving  and  time-saving
remedies that are definitely cost-effective.
At this stage, another significant factor to consider is, of course, to meet the customer’s technical design parameters ensuring that the output  will  suit  the requirements  and  regulations  of  international  industry  standards  for  manufacturing,  fulfil  the latest government policies  and  regulations  affecting  the future of  your industry. When  the customer sends  OPTIMAL  the technical specifications, we create a  meticulously  prepared  3D  design of the machinery, equipment, facility and the line that will suit their need. In this way, we visualize  the product.  The customer is welcome to  make a  change on the project before the manufacturing starts as long as it is technically approved by OPTIMAL.

If you need a helping hand, OPTIMAL will be there for you. You name it, we’ll make it!
We are just an e-mail away, not a mile away.

 Our Products 


 Our Services 

1  Automation and installation of all of the mechanical, electrical and electronic devices in industrial machinery,          complete systems and turnkey plants such as:

              > Dedusting / Dust Collection System
              > Central Vacuum Cleaning System
              > Oil Bath Suction System
              > Complicated Materials Handling System
              > Pneumatic Transfer System
              > Tobacco Feeding System
              > Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Piping System for Hot Air Exhaust, Cooling Tower,
                 Fabric Drying Plant, Sewage, Water Transfer and also Ducting System
              > Safety Cap System for Cigarette Makers
              > Stainless Steel Chimney System
              > Silo Unloading Screw Conveyor System
              > Big-Bag Weighing System
              > Turnkey Grease Plant
              > Welding Smoke Suction System
              > Turnkey Energy Generation Facility
              > Waste Heat Ducting System
              > Granule Sorting System
              > Margarine Production Line

2   On-site training for the customer’s personnel to teach them how to operate the machinery and equipment             manufactured for their facility.

3   Regular inspection, maintenance and repair of those systems.

4   Supplying spare parts of the machinery produced.

5   Relocation of machinery and systems

6   Machinery guard & safety improvement solutions

        ABOUT US 

     OPTIMAL Mechatronics & International Engineering Corporation
is a  globally  working mechatronics and industrial engineering company that
has  dedicated  itself to manufacturing quality products, which is not  even a matter of discussion to sacrifice, while always prioritizing their clients needs
and  requests. OPTIMAL still takes its strength from being decidedly
committed to the essential pillars of business ethics.


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